Another Heart, Another Token

This seems to be the theme this year – hearts and video game tokens.

Another Heart, Another Token

Another Heart, Another Token

I went to Ala Moana Beach today with my Minelab X-Terra 705.  My Minelab Excalibur II 800 is having a problem right now – the headphones aren’t working properly.  I only get a soft tone – like the sensitivity tone – and no louder tone when detecting anything metal.  My friend is looking into a solution.

So, I had to re-learn the tones and ID numbers of the X-Terra 705 all over again.  It was easy enough and I mainly searched in All Metal mode.  I almost immediately found a dime and about 50 feet later found a small heart locket.

I continued to hunt on the dry sand the tones were few and far between but I did find a little clad.  I decided to try to hunt to wet sand.  I had to ground balance again (unlike the Excal) and tried the wet sand to no avail.  So, I decided to try in the water a little since I was near a sandy part of the water.  I hunted in calf deep water with no signals at all so it was back to the dry sand.

I wandered around the dry sand haphazardly and found clad here and there.  Even got one scoop with 8 coins (3 dimes and 5 pennies) and then decided it was time to head back to the truck and go home.

I continued searching the dry sand in no real pattern and after a while got a nice signal indicating a quarter.  However, it was a ring:

Not sure if it is silver or not.  My friend will check it out later.  Also, got $1.75 in clad and a Jungle Fun token.

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