Ao Thong Yi (Thong Yi Bay) And The Tourism Authority of Thailand

Ao Thong Yi or Thong Yi Bay is a small, quiet lovely beach located in Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Hotels and bungalows are plentiful but you won’t find the beach vendors hawking their wares on Ao Thong Yi.

So, how did I find Ao Thong Yi? I saw this sign.

Ao Thong Yi sign

So, I did a little Googling and found out that it was within bicycle riding distance (about 7 kilometers) from where I am staying at Bansonmanee Homestay on Na Dan Beach.

I planned to go to Ao Thong Yi and do some metal detecing hoping it would yield more than Na Dan Beach had.

Metal Detecting Ao Thong Yi

Hoping to get more information, I went to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) website and searched for Ao Thong Yi and this is all that it said at an “Attractions” page:


Encompassed by Khao Phlao and Khao Klang, Ao Thong Yi is a peaceful beach ideal for camping amid natural surroundings.

Getting there: Take a laterite road from Hat Nai Phlao near Khanap Nam Resort. The distance to there is 2.5 kilometres.

I didn’t see any gravel road leading to Ao Thong Yi. I stayed on the main asphalt road and entered across from the Supar Royal Beach Hotel, located about midway on the beach.

There is also a link at the TAT website after that tantalizing description under “See and Do/Sights and Attractions Details” that redirects right back to the Ao Thong Yi Attractions page.

No map, no real contact info, no phone number, and not one photo. And, this is from the agency in charge of tourism for Thailand.

The beach is quite lovely, and I didn’t see any tents set up for camping, but I was there during the week and this is mainly a Thai beach accessed on weekends. This is primarily due to TATs failure to promote this lovely bay to foreigners.

Ao Thong Yi

Ao Thong Yi

Ao Thong Yi

Ao Thong Yi

Ao Thong Yi

Here is a map showing how to get from Bansonmanee Homestay to Ao Thong Yi.

And, lastly, here is my metal detecting video at Ao Thong Yi.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is so incompetent in promoting Thailand to foreigners or Ao Thong Yi may be ruined like Pattaya and Phuket.

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