Hillary Clinton And The Thai Government

While the world is reacting to the upset victory of Donald J. Trump, I think it is wise to look at Hillary Rodham Clinton and see why “the chosen one” lost.

This was supposed to a lock, a slam dunk, an easy as pie victory for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, but now, the day after, Republicans will run the White House, Senate and Congress for the next 4 years.

Hillary Clinton Makes A Statement After Loss In Presidential Election

So, just what the heck happened? According to the mainstream media, Hillary was anywhere from 3 to 15 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump. All the major polls, except for maybe the Drudge Report and FoxNews, had Hillary in the lead from day one right up to election day.

Hillary had survived a Congressional Hearing on the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and staff during the raid in Benghazi. She survived two FBI investigations into emails on a private server, deleted emails, and lies about the emails. Hillary Clinton survived Bernie Sanders with the help of Democratic National Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigging the election. She survived three debates against Donald Trump with the help of the mainstream media rigging the debates with liberal moderators like Lester Holt and avoiding real issues. The moderators also debated with Donald Trump. And, she survived all that Wikileaks showed.

It was pretty easy for Hillary to look good at the debates since she was provided questions by CNNs Donna Brazile  ahead of time.

Hillary Clinton also survived numerous medical issues causing her to “overheat” and pass out, stumble and fall while entering vehicles and airplanes, and appear to be suffering some sort of brain damage.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of the mainstream media continued to praise her daily, bash Trump daily, and make wild claims about how far ahead she was in the polls. It got to the point that I honestly thought many Clinton supporters would just stay home and not vote since Hillary was a lock to win.

The big problem was Hillary and her camp believed the hype. They believed Hillary would win the election hands down. Newsweek and a few other media sources already had printed copies that we had a Madame President.

They believed it so much, they failed to campaign in a few states that they assumed were automatic wins. Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and a couple other states were supposed to automatically vote Democrat but didn’t.

NBC commentators blamed it on “hidden Trump voters”. WTF?

Anyhow, Donald Trump carried these normally blue states and won the 2016 Presidential election easily. It was fun watching Lester Holt and crew stutter and stammer and try to explain that Hillary still had a chance, that there was a chance for a tie, and finally conceding that Donald J. Trump was the winner.

So, why do I mention the Thai Government?

Just as the Hillary Clinton campaign came to a crash, so shall the current Thai junta. The similarities are striking.

The Thai junta issues polls weekly that brag how much the Thai people love their current dictator, Prayuth Chan-ocha. Happiness indicators are published showing that all Thais are happy as pigs in shit. Economic numbers, mostly forecasts since current data is dreary, are always shown to be up, up, up.

Foreign tourism arrivals are through the roof (forecast at 32.4 million compared to 29.8 million last year) despite bombings, murders, the death of HM the King and the one-year mourning period, human rights abuses, etc.

Note that the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Minister of Tourism and Sports use the term “foreign tourist arrivals” now instead of just foreign tourists. Arrivals are not necessarily tourists and may just be in-transit.

Even more ludicrous are tourism revenue numbers which are impossible to know but are spewed out weekly showing how much money is supposedly being generated.

It is a house of cards ready to collapse any day now.

The Thai Government continues to issue propaganda daily showing the Thai people how wonderful everything is and they expect the commoners to believe the bullshit – just like the mainstream media in the US expected the people in America to believe that Hillary was winning.

The media and governments continue to believe that the people are stupid. The people continue to prove them wrong.

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