Merch By Amazon 90-Day Removals

I have reached my limit for uploads on Merch by Amazon at Tier 500. I have 500 uploaded and learning to live with the throttled sales for the month of January. Yes, our designs are stil being throttled – easy enough to search Amazon and click on your brand link and see how many of your designs show up and how many don’t.

Merch By Amazon Tier 500

Plus the Best Seller Rank (BSR) is missing from many of my designs even though I have made numerous sales over the past 5 months. Or, it is there one day and not the next. Many in the Merch by Amazon forum claim this is a good thing making it harder for copycats to find popular shirts. I contend that with no BSR you don’t show up in the Amazon search engine. And, that is why your sales suck. Why else would you sell 5 shirts one day and then go 3 days with no sales?

I knew sales would drop off significantly in January, but I didn’t forsee the throttling to continue. Amazon must be caught up with their Christmas/New Year backlog by now. My hope was to sell 30 in January – about 33% of what I sold in December (97).

So, what am I doing since I have reached my maximum amount of uploads at Tier 500? Still uploading – but only after going through my designs daily and seeing which ones are about to be removed since they have no sales for 90 days. Now, there are a couple different schools of thought on what to do next. Some say if your shirt/design didn’t sell within the 90 days, delete and upload something new. Others say to reupload and perhaps change the title and some keywords.

I am going with the latter and re-uploading and tweaking the bullet points, descriptions, and some  titles. I feel they deserve a second chance mainly because of the throttling. I still have them listed at $19.99. We shall see how they do.

Prior to them hitting the 90-day removal dates, I have been lowering the price to $16.99 once there are 30 days remaining until removal. Again, it is hard to tell if this is going to be successful with the throttling still going on. I have had a couple sell at the lower price and once that happens, I raise the price back to $19.99 hoping that the BSR will return and the throttling be discontinued.

There has been some good news from Amazon. They are trying to prevent people from opening up a ton of new accounts and then selling them to the highest bidder. New policy fro Amazon (1/17/2018):

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new application process today! We heard your feedback that we could improve and we agreed. So, we created a new process to approve the best sellers who create genuine and compelling content for our customers. If you have any questions about the new application process or account approvals, you can view the new “Account Requests” section of the FAQ page here. If you are asked to reapply, we will provide you with an expected decision timeframe upon submitting your new application. Please do not email us with requests to expedite the decision on your new application. We have to stop making decisions to respond to your email! We will notify you of the decision via email as soon as it has been made. As you wait for an approval decision, please review the Resources page and our content policiesfor design submissions. Thank you all for your patience as we work to approve more sellers, faster.’

This will curtail this practice since bank info has to be provided initially and not AFTER approval. Lots of people are extremely pissed off that they have to re-apply but they don’t understand the reasoning since they don’t have accounts yet and don’t see the big picture.

Other good news is that Amazon is spreading out.

We are also hoping and praying this new T-shirt printing facility opens soon.

Until then, all I can do is continue to plod along and hope to reach 500 sales beforeJune and get tiered up to T1000 in time for 4th quarter 2018.

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