Merch By Amazon Christmas Appeasement

Another day and another announcement from Merch By Amazon. Instead of waiting until December 19th to update us since the 12 December update was nothing but wait, on the 14th of December we got semi-good news made to calm the angry mob of Merchers.

Merch By Amazon Monthly Earnings

This kind of surprised me today since the previous update told us nothing would happen until 19 December. Anyhow, here is the latest dated 14 December:

Starting today, we will begin both enabling accounts for publishing and restoring product search discoverability on a rolling basis through year end. Your publishing status can be verified by viewing your daily publishing limit as displayed on the Dashboard and Manage pages.

So, now, we will all be going to our dashboards to see if we can once again upload any designs in hopes of still making sales for Christmas. As of the 15th of December in Thailand at 1000 hours, I cannot upload new designs.

But, you will see by the above chart, that I am making money and it is slowly increasing. The $8.76 is for June and the 4445.32 is November. As of today, I have sold 58 T-shirts for the month of December with a profit of $415.32.

I do expect the first three months of 2018 to be slow and sales not picking up until April/May. I just want to sell as many as possible and hit the 500 sales mark so that I can be tiered up to level 1,000. I only have 251 more shirts to sell!!

Hoping that my Merch by Amazon account gets unfrozen sooner rather than later.

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