Merch By Amazon Freeze Ended

Hooray! Amazon has finally gotten around to unfreezing (thawing) all accounts as of 27 December 2017. This announcement was posted to our Merch by Amazon dashboards today (28 December for me in Thailand).

Merch By Amazon 28 Dec 2017

So, that is the good news. The bad news is that uploads are still limited – for me – I get 2 uploads per day whereas it used to 10. It was 5 for a short period right before the freeze.

Hopefully, the amount of uploads will increase early 2018 to offset the decrease in royalties that go into effect come 15 january 2018.

Also, it appears that Amazon is continuing to throttle accounts and hide best sellers from shoppers’ view.

All we can hope for is the Amazon expands and opens another facility or two to print shirts, add hoodies and coffee mugs to the inventory, allows one upload for all products, and that the throttling and freezing doesn’t happen again in 2018.

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