Merch By Amazon January 2018

Lots going on at Merch By Amazon early in 2018. Some good, some bad and some unknown.

For me, it was a good month. I expected my sales to be about 33% of the amount sold in December – around 30 shirts for me since I sold 97 in December.

Merch By Amazon January 2018

I didn’t make a fortune, but I sold 54 shirrts – well – Amazon sold 54 shirts with my designs on them. Unfortunately, royalty amounts were decreased on 15 Jan.

So, what else is good? My son’s Merch By Amazon account was approved. He applied in September 2017 and then had to do the re-apply thing and got accepted in January at the Tier 10 level with one upload per day. It’s a start.

The bad – seen at the main Merch By Amazon forum many did the 2nd apply which required bank account info prior to approval and many simply got rejected with no reasons given. Lots of angry people who had been waiting for 6 months to one year for an MBA account.

This is good for those accepted recently and for those of us that have accounts for a while. Keeps those guys out who were creating tons of accounts and then selling them.

Have also seen in the forums and on Reddit, many folks who had accounts for a long time with some being at T1000 or T2000 level getting account termination notices. Of course, lots of whining and only one side of the story, but I am sure they had numerous rejections and violated trademarks and copyrights.

The unknown is a new brand of Tshirts announced on 2/1/2018:

Port and Company is replacing Anvil as Merch’s standard fit t-shirt brand and will begin shipping this week. The new shirts offer the same high quality, ringspun fabric as our previous brand, but with improved printability and a more traditional fit to align with your customers’ expectations. There will be no cost or royalty change with this upgrade. Next week, new submissions and edits will display updated product sales images, sizing charts, and key product feature bullets.

Hopefully, they will be better quality and won’t shrink.

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