Merch By Amazon Sweatshirts And Hoodies

Well, after the initial announcement from Merch By Amazon on 2 January 2018 that sweatshirts and hoodies will be rolled out on a “rolling basis”, I got the email yesterday stating I was now among the privileged few.

But, as usual, there is always a catch. If one wants to place designs on hoodies, the design must beĀ 4500px by 4050px – mainly because of the pouch in the front to keep your hand warm. This will mean resizing any and all images if one wants to sell hoodies.

Royalties aren’t all that great either. If you price a hoodie at $39.99, you get $5.00 per sale. This remains the same even after the royalty adjustment that is coming on January 15th.

So, for now, with 478 out of 500 slots filled, I will stick to T-shirts. Maybe, just maybe, if I make it to Tier 1000 prior to next winter, I will try some. By then there should be data available as to what sells, what is the best price and what is better – hoodies or sweatshirts.

From what I have read on Reddit, many are warning that putting your best selling T-shirt designs on hoodies is tantamount to giving away all your best and making them available in one place making it easier for copycats to steal your work.

Like I said, I will just stick with T-shirts and hope I can sell another 196 to make 500 total sales and then eventually get tiered up.

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