Merch By Amazon Upload Limits Restored And Hoodies And Sweatshirts Oh My!

It was either a Festivus Miracle or Amazon gave us a New Year present. Uploads are now back to normal (10 per day for me at Tier 500) and the bigger announcement is Hoodies and Sweatshirts.

Year of the Dog Shirt 2018 Chinese New Year Zodiac T-shirt

Here is the 2 January announcement from Amazon for us in the Merch By Amazon program:

We are excited to announce the launch of hoodies and sweatshirts! To be eligible for these products, your account tier must be 100 or higher. We will enable hoodies and sweatshirts for publishing on a rolling basis starting today. When an account is enabled, options to select the new products will become available in the product creation process. Hoodies and sweatshirts are offered in a single unisex fit in sizes small to 2XL with five color options: Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Dark Heather, and Heather Grey. Please note that we will not be able to provide updates on approvals for individual accounts.

So, I am eligible but will most likely have to wait a week or so for the rolling basis to hit me. No big deal as, the way I see it, it is too late for any serious campaign for hoodies and/or sweatshirts. The time to roll these out was September/October and have them selling in November/December for Christmas. Oh well. Next year.

I also read from a reliable source that the design sign for hoodies isĀ 4500 x 4050 instead of 4500 x 5400 that we presently use for T-shirts. So, this means additional work if one want to sell across multiple platforms. Merch By Amazon has a lot to learn since many other smaller Print on Demand (POD) sites only require one upload for 20-50 products. The other issue is that if I want to sell both type of shrt sleeve Tshirts, along with a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a hoodie that requires different sizes, multiple uploads (with brand name, title, bullet points and descriptions) and it takes up 5 slots. We only have so many slots available depending on what tier we are on.

I will stick to short sleeves for now and since I just uploaded my 10 designs for today and added another 110 in draft form to set to “Live” over the next 11 days, my 500 slots will be filled. The only decreases I will see are if a shirt doesn’t sell in 90 days, then slots will be available for me to upload to. Selling more shirts and then tiering up to Tier 1000 will also make more available.

So, I will just keep getting designs ready and adding the text to Notepad ++ and be ready for the future.

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