Merch By Amazon Ups And Downs

Sometimes, I wonder if the folks running Amazon and the Tshirt side of things, Merch By Amazon, know what the heck they are doing. (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

Just 3 days ago, Merch By Amazon increased uploads by 50% – so, for me, this meant I could now upload 15 per day whereas before it was 10.
Merch By Amazon Chinese New Year Best Seller
Then, yesterday, I notice my uploads are cut down to 5 per day. WTF? This didn’t just happen at T500 (the level I am at). I have seen numerous claims of increases and then decreases on the Merch By Amazon Forum and also on various Reddit threads.

Some think it is because of the new Tshirt supplier reported on 2/8/2018:

As part of our transition to Port and Company, we will begin updating product page sales images for select t-shirts starting today. As each product is migrated, its status will temporarily display as Processing on the Manage Page for up to eight hours during which it can neither be edited nor deleted.

I have also seen additional claims of throttling and a new one – claims that nothing uploaded during January and Februart is selling. I agree with both as I have had 27 sales during the first 9 days of February and 54 during January and not one of those is anything I uploaded in Jan/Feb.

My sales have been shirts uploaded in October/November that have never sold or the occassional shirt that has sold before – mostly my Chinese New Year shirts.

So, like everyone else, I have no idea what is going on with Merch By Amazon other than I continue to make a sale or two daily and am stuck at T500 with 500 uploads (reuploading daily the shirts that get removed after 90 days of no sales) and a total of 369 shirts sold. Just wish Amazon would get their shit together so I can make more sales and get tiered up to the T1000 level.

UPDATE: About 2 hours after posting this Merch By Amazon has reinstated upload limits. I am back to 15. Just more proof that MBA is clueless.

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