Merch By Amazon Year In Review 2017

Happy New Year made happier (somewhat) thanks to Amazon’s Merch By Amazon program. I had hoped for more initially but settled for what I got and hope to continue to add designs and get tiered up to level 1000 by mid year 2018.
Merch By Amazon December 2017 Final Tally

I feel I did OK considering all the hinderances Amazon placed on us – throttling, cutting back number of daily uploads, and come January 15th, a decrease in royalty payments.

Still, I earned over $1,700 US dollars for 7 months effort and went from Tier 10 to 25 to 100 to 500. I now have 375 designs listed and am adding my 2 per day hoping the upload limitation gets lifted soon. I have been steadily working on designs and have hundreds upon hundreds ready to upload.

So, what will be in store for us Merchers in 2018? I can only hope and guess it gets better with another Tshirt facility supposedly going to open this year. Also guessing that the decrease in royalties means an increase in staff to better the overall experience. Plus, we also hope for more products – hoodies and coffee mugs but really have no idea when. Branching out to other countries is also a possibility this year

Getting back to the royalty reduction – before listing a Tshirt for $19.99 earned one $7.19 – it has been reduced to $5.38. This is still a decent cut remembering that one design can sell over and over. Also remember that Merchers don’t have to carry inventory, print designs, or handle returns. I am also an Amazon affiliate and the payout there is 4% unless you sell a ton of products and then it goes up incrementally to 8%.

The Merch By Amazon gurus have already come out of the woodwork saying to raise prices to compensate, others say lower prices to just above minimum profit and tier up faster and increase prices little by little once sales are made.

I will keep mine the same – $19.99 and see what happens. Changing prices is a pain in the ass as there is no bulk editor. So, having to manually change 375 prices to me isn’t worth the effort. I will have to wait and see how sales go. And, I also figure that January thru March will be slow.

I just want to plod along, make sales and get that 500th shirt sold so I will be eligible for Tier 1000 and then have way more designs for sale prior to 4th quarter of 2018.

As a side hustle, I can’t complain much and will just have to hope to make more in 2018 than I did in 2017 – should be easy.

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