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A while back, think it was in April of this year, I mentioned that I was getting into the clothing business and didn’t say much more.

Well, there is a reason….actually, a couple of reasons.

Back in about November, 2016, while doing some research on how to be a better Amazon affiliate marketer, I came across a thing called “Merch by Amazon”. Did some reading and found this guy in the UK,. Michael Essek who was making a killing on Amazon. He had lots of great blog posts and later offered some great ebooks.

So, I signed up for Merch by Amazon and followed Mr. Essek’s suggestion and started uploading T-Shirt designs to other Print on Demand (POD) sites – RedBubble, TeePublic, Society6, TeeSpring and more. Made a few bucks but nothing drastic.

Then, in May 2017, after an almost 6-month wait, I was accepted into the Merch by Amazon (MBA) program allowing me to upload all of 10 designs and hope that I got 10 sales so that I could be tiered up to level 25. Then, sell 25 and get upped to Tier 100,  sell 100 and up to Tier 500 and so on to Tiers 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000, and 10000.

Sales are very slow at the T10 level so I asked my son to buy 5 shirts that I paid for, and managed to sell the other 5 and get tiered up to T25. Sales were still slow, but eventually made it to T100 and then to T500. And, just in time for the magical 4th quarter (Q4) to hopefully make money on shirts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – plus being at a decent level to sell during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I had visions of making thousands of dollars monthly and getting rich in November and December….then adding more and selling more in 2018 and getting to higher and higher levels for Q4 next year.

Well, it hasn’t been as good as I had hoped, but, I am making money – just a bit slower than anticipated. Bigest problem is that I am at the mercy of Amazon. If Amazon wants to block searches for all MBA Tshirts, they can. If Amazon wants to freeze accounts, they can and did last year during Q4. If Amazon wants to limit the amount of designs we can upload, they can and just did. At the T500 level, I was uploading 10 new designs daily. Amazon cut it to 3. All we can do is bitch and moan and hope to make more sales.

Amazon’s biggest problem is handling the capacity of purchased shirts. Individual and unique designs are very popular and Amazon doesn’t have the capacity to fulfill orders or keep enough stock on hand to keep customers happy.

On a more positive note, Amazon has just allowed us to now sell long sleeve Tshirts to go with the “basic” and “premium” Tshirts previously offered. We look forward to the day when Hoodies, Sweatshirts, tank tops, mugs and more are offered.

So, just how much money have I made? Payments are for the previous months sales.

June $8.76

July $71.87

August $103.50

September $151.09

October payment will exceed September as I have already sold 20 shirts and have about $130 profit for the first 10 days of November.

I did invest $300 and purchased 50 designs (with 4 bonus plus another 5 bonus) that I have edited/scaled to make another 300 designs.

I continue to upload my daily limit and hope to see more and more sales.

If you are interested, go here and sign up and wait anywhere from a few weeks to over one year. But, the wait is worth it.

If you are waiting for MBA or already been accepted, check out Etsy for an additional stream of money for your designs. Easiest to integrate with Printful to make your life easy.

I am hoping to be at T1000 or T2000 in time for 2018 Q4 and will take what I can make now and be happy. A few hundred bucks a month is nothing to sneeze at especially when one is retired and on a fixed income.

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