Minister Of Education Fails AEC 2015

Minister of Education in Thailand announced today, not waiting until the absolute last fucking minute, that he was going to establish ASEAN studies centers across the country – 477 of them.

Now, the office of the Minister of Education has known that the AEC 2015 (ASEAN Economic Community 2015) was slated to start this year, and even had a one year reprieve and yet, this office has completely failed the students of Thailand by doing nothing until two weeks before inauguration.

Minister of Education AEC 2015

Minister of Education AEC 2015

Planning for the AEC 2015 has been ongoing for the past 10 years or so and the Minister of Education comes up with the bright idea to open 477 studies centers two weeks before the kickoff. I wonder where he will find 477 locations and that many or more teachers.

Think about it. You know something is going to happen in the region that will have a major impact on the people of Thailand and jobs that anyone from any of the 10 ASEAN countries can apply for and you wait until the last friggin minute and pretend to do something. You also knew that English will be the language of AEC.

It will only be a matter of time before the people of Thailand start to bitch and moan that fellow ASEAN workers from the Philippines, Burma and Singapore are “stealing” jobs from Thais. Then what?

BANGKOK, 16 December 2015 (NNT) – The Ministry of Education is planning to set up ASEAN studies centers across the country to motivate students to improve their English skills.

Wonder where he got the funds and who will do the teaching.

Education Minister Gen Surachet Chaiwong said the government would establish 447 ASEAN studies centers across the country to promote an exchange of knowledge and information between Thailand and neighboring countries and enhance the education system.

Absolutely fucking impossible.

According to Gen Surachet, Thai students of all levels will be encouraged to improve their English and study ASEAN languages. The Ministry will also urge educators to enhance their abilities and develop curricula in line with the regional education standards.

Now the Minister of Education wants Thai students to also learn Chinese, three different dialects of the Philippines, Indonesian, Lao, Burmese and more. Where will all these teachers come from? Nowhere. How will the “educators” enhance their abilities? Is the Minister of Education going to hire native English speakers? Develop curricula? Got two whole weeks to get ready.

Meanwhile, the ministry is mapping out a national qualification framework to enable students or job seekers to compare their academic or professional qualifications to those in other Southeast Asian countries.

And, this will be done how? In English, right? The language of AEC. So, who will develop these tests? No one. This is all bullshit.

The Minister of Education hasn’t a clue what to do other than keep the Thai students uneducated and then, later in life, in debt up to their eyeballs. The Minister of Education should be fired immediately for failing to prepare Thai Students for AEC 2015.

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