Minister Of Interior Pretends To Care About Foreign Tourists

Thailand’s Minister of Interior has come up with some “safety measures” to ensure that foreign tourists don’t die in Thailand.

It appears that dying in Thailand ruins their precious image and forces people like the Minister of Interior to pretend to care and do something about it.

Minister of Interior Pretend Safety Campaign

Minister of Interior Pretend Safety Campaign

The reality is that the Minister of Interior is responding to recent foreign tourists’ deaths while on holiday in Thailand – zipline, honeymoon drowning, and hangings.

Just a couple of days ago, the Minister of Tourism and Sports supposedly had this under control, along with the Royal Thai Police, but I guess that the Minister of Interior wasn’t doing anything this year so decided to join in the “pretending to care” safety campaign. Here are the six points – but first – put down any beverage you may have lest it get spat out at your monitor:

BANGKOK, 18 October 2015 (NNT) -Permanent Secretary for Interior Grisada Boonrach said the ministry has notified provinces nationwide about the six measures that will be implemented in order to ensure safety for tourists, restore their confidence and boost tourism in the country. The move follows reports of tourists being injured in accidents at several tourist sites.

Injured? Uh, crashing on the zipline and breaking your neck resulting in death is a tad bit more than “injured”. Same goes for drowning on your honeymoon. I am also sure that the provinces all had a good laugh too.

One of the measures requires provincial authorities to inspect whether security laws are strictly enforced at such places as amusement and game parks, and to ensure that business operators are abiding by the rules and regulations. Officials must be sent out to tourist sites on a regular basis. Public relations campaigns must also be arranged from time to time to raise the awareness of business operators and tourists about the importance of safety at tourist spots. Officials as well as resort owners must patrol trekking routes and check the security of equipment to be used by tourists, to prevent future accidents. Lastly, officials and tourism operators must cooperate in drawing up more measures to promote local tourism.

Let me take the Minister of Interior measures one by one:

(1) The provincial authorities won’t have any idea what security laws are and will be bribed instead of ensuring they are strictly enforced. Most Thai laws are selectively enforced. Plus, each province will have their own interpretatin as to what the regulations are.

(2) Officials don’t go to tourist sites now and will not go in the future unless it is to get a photo taken within the next 24-48 hours to show they are in compliance. Once the photo is taken, all will be forgotten.

(3) Public relations campaigns will consist of a few brochures that no one will read.

(4) Those same public officials will not conduct any inspections unless there is a camera pointed at them for a photo op.

(5) Promote local tourism? Isn’t that the job of the Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Tourism Authority of Thailand? Since the provinces will be doing their own promotions I guess that MOTS and TAT can be disbanded.

I only counted five measures but there are a couple that were bunched together in the report. Regardless, it is all fluff and means nothing and will do nothing to save the image of Thailand.

The Interior Ministry is now speeding up studies and issuance of new laws in order to ensure safety and order at tourist sites. It will discuss the new measures with each province to make sure they provide all-round solutions to problems.

Maybe this is number 6 – speeding up studies, forming committees, holding meetings, discussing crap, and doing nothing really.

More bullshit from the Thai Government and the Minister of Interior hoping to save Thai Tourism.

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