Minister Of Tourism And Sports Phuket Posse To Head Off The Bad Guys

PhuketWan, citing inside sources in Bangkok and Phuket, claim that the Minister of Tourism and Sports, along with the Department of Special Investigations (DSI), Josey Wales, Hoss Cartwright, Maverick, and John Wayne are going to tackle the evil foreign mafia in Phuket.

I will believe it when I see and hear about it.  The Minister of Tourism and Sports hasn’t done shit so far, so I don’t understand why PhuketWan is so positive that this time it will be different.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Phuket Posse

Minister of Tourism and Sports Phuket Posse

PhuketWan says: THE BIG CLEANUP Bangkok to Tame Tuk-Tuks, Taxis, Scams, Rip-Offs as DSI Intervenes on Phuket, but I just don’t see this being any different from anything else the Thai Government does.  The Minister of Tourism and Sports will show up with his entourage on 25 July, have his photo taken with the Phuket Governor and the local constabulary, deputize a few folks, and put on a good show for the public.

So far, there have only been a couple of comments to the PhuketWan Minister of Tourism and Sports article, and anyone disagreeing is looking to get smacked.

gravatarimpossible to see some improvement in this decade.. Only when Thais have hurt in the pocket will really try to do sometingh.. for the rest is only bbla bla bla to make someone happy…

Posted by dave on July 17, 2013 12:33

Editor Comment:

Bangkok finally reacts, and you still insist on being ”Doomy Dave.” How long is it since you heard the birds singing and noticed the sun is shining?

I can understand PhuketWan being optimistic, but, being a realist, I really don’t see this as anything but another fine show put on by the Thai Government and the Minister of Tourism and Sports.

Some news sources have focussed on DSI attention to Russian and Korean ”mafia” but Phuketwan has learned that the crackdown will be widespread and address all the issues raised by the ambassadors.

I don’t see this either.  This will be a rounding up of all the usual FOREIGN suspects and the Thai criminals/mafia won’t be touched.  Hell, they have a week’s warning to lay low and take a vacation.  I guess the Minister of Tourism and Sports figures the foreign mafia are too busy scamming tourists to read the English language dailies.

It would be nice if the Sheriff Minister of Tourism and Sports follows through with these high and mighty plans to save Phuket, but I see it as another show for tourists to make them think that the Thai Government cares.

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