Minister Of Tourism And Sports Presides Over Hospitality School Opening

Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports was the Grand Poobah at the opening of a new hospitality school in Cha-am.

The only problem is that Thailand is about 7-8 years too late doing this. The last couple of unqualified personnel that held the title Minister of Tourism and Sports failed miserably.

Minister of Tourism and Sports AEC 2015

Minister of Tourism and Sports AEC 2015

See, about 8 years ago, the 10 ASEAN countries got together and planned to work together in the future as one, big happy family sharing borders, working in each other’s countries, and everyone promoting the region instead of just their own country. Thailand missed most of the memos.

The ASEAN Economic Community was slated to begin on 1 January 2015, but a few countries, like Thailand, were definitely not prepared so AEC re-scheduled the opening to the end of 2015.

So, the big news is the Minister of Tourism and Sports presided over a new hospitality school that will begin to offer international classes beginning in May 2017. WTF? Just a little bit late.

Being late means that many, many jobs will go to those that already know the hospitality business and can speak English and/or Chinese.

This will also mean that there will be a major uprising among all those Thais that lost jobs to the other 9 ASEAN countries. The claim will be that they stole the jobs.

The Thai Government will then enact stringent rules for foreigners from the other ASEAN countries making it extremely difficult to enter and work in Thailand thus defeating the entire purpose of AEC 2015.

Thanks to this Minister of Tourism and Sports and her predecessors and the Tourism Authority of Thailand for failing to prepare the Thai Tourism industry for the future.

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