Mukdahan To Kalasin Thailand

The final leg of our road trip would be from Mukdahan to Kalasin with a few stops along the way – mostly at temples.

This was more research for Tom at Isaan-Live and some Kalasin photo opportunities for me. The metal detecting portion of the trip was over for now.

Mukdahan Mekong River

Mukdahan Mekong River

Once again, both of us were up bright and early and headed down the street to see if the sunrise would make for any decent photos. We grabbed a third of a cup of instant coffee from a local vendor, watched the ladies doing morning aerobics, and waited for the sun. The sun disappointed mainly due to clouds and early morning haze so it was time to head on out to Kalasin.

First stop was another older, out of the way temple, that was on Tom’s list of temples to check.

I chatted a bit with one of the older monks who was feeding fish in a small pond the last remnants of rice from his alms bowl.

Buddhist Monk Feeding Fish Kalasin

Buddhist Monks Quarters

The monk was very friendly and we chatted a bit while Tom made his rounds. We only stayed briefly as we had more temples to visit before lunch time. Next up was another wat (temple) on the road to Kalasin – you will have to go to Isaan-Live to see the names – Tom did a better job with the names of the temples. The next temple was another one out of the way, but once there, the complex was fairly good size and included a day care center and a school.

Dragon's Head

Guard Dog

The monk we ran into was a busy guy. He was sweeping around the temple and when we asked him to get the keys to unlock the various doors to the different buildings, he scurried off double-time to get the keys.

Bhuddist Monk Clean Sweep

Keep of the Keys and the BIG Lock

We hit the road again and made a mid-morning pit stop at one the nicest gas station complexes I have seen in Thailand. This one had gas, mini-mart, store outlets, food court, Fried banana and BBQ chicken vendors, and three separate bathroom sets. They even had a guy selling blue jeans out the back of his truck.

Blue Jeans For Sale in Pick-up Truck

Deep Fried Bananas

After an iced mocha and 20 baht worth of deep fried bananas, we were on our way to the final temple before meeting up with Khun Prasit for lunch. This was another mural temple that Tom wanted to research. There was one Buddhist monk on the grounds as we pulled in and he seemed like he was trying to avoid us, but Tom managed to get his attention and gained access to the ordination hall – no easy feat – since the door was locked from the inside and the monk had to climb through a window to open it.


Monks' Robes

Here are some of the murals from this temple.

Temple Murals

Murals Temple

It was time to meet up with Khun Prasit in Kalasin for lunch, and after a few phone calls, the rendezvous was made. We headed out to a nice restaurant for some fish and shrimp. An excellent meal with excellent company.

Fried Shrimp

Mekong Fish

The meal was slow-paced, with a few beers, and talk. It was good to finally meet Khun Prasit, a long-time friend of Tom, and a Facebook friend of mine. After lunch, it was time to find a place to spend the night, and we settled on the Kalasin Phai Boon Motel (yes Motel) for 600 baht per night with free WIFI. After, a little time online, we headed across the street to a small shop and sat on the sidewalk enjoying a few cold, very cold, beers. We would then head off to sleep, and get up early and return to Khon Kaen. Another great road trip to Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdahan, and Kalasin – Thanks Tom.

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