Na Dan Beach Khanom Nakhon Si Thammarat Restaurant Reviews

I just spent 3 weeks metal detecting at Na Dan Beach in Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand (along with a couple of other nearby, small beaches) and got to do something I enjoy doing – searching for good places to eat.

Thai Roadside Eatery

I did ask Khun Por, the boss at Bansonmanee Homestay, where my bungalow was located, for suggestions, She gave me a couple of places – both Thai and Western style eateries.

Pad See Ew

The first place I ate at upon arrival was a small roadside vendor with about 4 tables with chairs. The head chef was extremely friendly and could make just about anything. I have no idea what the name of the place is (if it had a name) but I ate here 3 or 4 times per week – Sweet green curry, egg omelet, Pad See Ew and a few other dishes. There was a small menu in English but I know enough Thai to order food. Most dishes were in the 50 baht range and were good size.

Jaydee Buddha Statues

I saw a sign for a restaurant at a place that also had Buddha image carvings and the crab sandwich caught my eye. But, they were closed. Maybe some other time I will get to eat at Jaydee.

Since it was closed, I went to the next closest restaurant – Summer Beach Resort/Restaurant where I had a very nice Angus Beef Burger with French Fries and salad for 250 baht.

Angus Beef Burger

A large Leo Beer was a bit pricey at 120 baht, but no big deal,

Fried Shrimp

Another place I went to is Sandy Beach – Beach Bar and Restaurant where I had fried shrimp for a dinner with white rice for 150 baht. But, the real treat here was the 80-baht bacon, egg and mozzarella cheese sandwich for breakfast. It was a pleasant surprise to find the mozzarella cheese in this perfectly grilled sandwich.

Grilled Bacon, Egg, and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich

One place recommended for cheap eats is called JamBay. This is definitely a backpacker kind of place, but the folks were friendly and whipped up a sweet sour chicken with white rice for me for all of 60 baht.

The bar is constructed completely of driftwood found on shore.

JamBay Bar

He has a menu on the wall and told me that he only has some items. I understand that since it is low season one doesn’t stock a lot of food. Good place for the young and young at heart.

Sweet Sour Chicken

One night I was in the mood for a pizza and TripAdvisor reviews said that Ciao Bella had the best pizza in Thailand. I saw where it was located using Google maps and headed to the northern end of Na Dan Beach (called Kho Khao) and couldn’t find it even after activating the Google maps lady to guide me.

It was only with the help of Stefan Burford from Metal Detecting Thailand & Global Diggers that I was able to locate it.

Ciao Bella Pizza

I had the ham and mushroom pizza along with a big Leo beer. The pizza is typical in Thailand – thin, cracker like crust. It was OK and the same as everywhere else for 250 baht.

CC Beach Bar

Again, on a recommendation from Stefan, I went to CC Beach Bar and found they had bangers and mash – one of my favorites though I don’t like mushy peas. Then I saw it – an Americanized version of this British meal – sausages, french fries and baked beans. All done to perfection and all served hot for 220 baht. Only gripe is big Leo beer for 120 baht or small Leo for 80. Food and service excellent.

Sausages, french fries, baked beans

CC Beach Bar also hosts an annual, all day beach party for 200 orphans. This year was the 8th annual. Charles also manages to round up about 200 volunteers, some on very big Harley Davidson motorcycles, and some that plan their Thailand holiday to coincide with the party, along with some local expats. There was food, sodas, volleyball, soccer, Muay Thai demonstration, banana boat rides, bouncy castle, and more. Kudos to all at CC Beach Bar.

Probably the finest meal that I had wasn’t even on Na Dan Beach. I had been out metal detecting with Stefan and when we were finished he rounded up his family and a friend and we headed off to a restaurant in a location I have no idea of. Prior to departure we placed an order for the Sunday Roast but weren’t sure if it was going to be pork, beef, or lamb. I told Stefan to order one for me and as long as it wasn’t lamb I was good. This was to be my first ever Sunday Roast.

Upon arrival at the Loma Beach Bar/Restaurant/Resort, we found out it was lamb, but fortunately for another customer, he got my order – which was the last order of the day.

I got the beef burger with “the lot”. I had to ask what “the lot” was and was told – cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, onion, tomato. I had him hold the tomato and had one of the finest meals that I have ever had. It was a feast for 250 baht.

Loma Beach Bar Burger with the lot

Being cheap, I also ate a fair amount of meals in my room. I had a big refrigerator and there was a 7-11 about 4 kilometers away. Thank goodness I had a bicycle to use from Bansonmanee Homestay. Sandwiches, hot dogs, canned tuna with crackers made for some cheap meals.

7-11 Ham Burger

Final meal of the holiday was at Don Mueang International Airport. The Big Breakfast at McDonalds!

McDonald's Big Breakfast

Ronald McDonald wished me good luck and gave me a farewell wai.

Ronald McDonald

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