Puek Tian Beach Phetchaburi Thailand

While researching Chao Samran Beach to do some metal detecting, I came across Puek Tian Beach and I told myself that I had to spend at least one day here.

Puek Tian Beach (or Puk Tian, Puk Tien, Puek Tien) is located in Phetchaburi Province about 23 kilometers from Phetchaburi city and a short 7 kilometers from Chao Samran Beach.

Puek Tian Beach

Puek Tian Beach

The reasons I wanted to visit Puek Tian beach were to do some metal detecting and take some photos of the statues that are actually out in the water.

I saw some photos online of Puek Tian Beach and had to see this beach for myself. Here is what most web sites have copied and pasted from the Tourism Authority of Thailand:

Hat Puek Tian (หาดปึกเตียน) This wide and long beach is popular among Thai tourists. The most prominent landmark is a huge statue of a female giant standing in the sea. This wide and long beach is popular among local tourists. It is 7 kilometers south of Hat Chao Samran.


Aside from eating stacks of cheap and tasty seafood under the causarina trees there’s not much to do aside from marvel at the statues of Thai mythological characters that are arranged down on the beach. Protagonists in the Thai epic ‘Phra Aphaimani’, the gruesome six metre tall Pee Seua Samut (an aquatic she-demon) emerging from the sea is particular worthy of comment. Others include a flute playing prince, poised on a nearby pile of offshore rocks and a motley collection of other mermaids, wizened old men and other characters from the same tale.

Puek Tian Beach is not really a great place to go swimming. It is mainly a small beach with few resorts that is mainly used for fishing. Bangkokians drive up, take a few pictures of the statues, and depart.

Puek Tian Beach She Demon

Puek Tian Beach Chinese Shrine

Puek Tian Beach is definitely the strangest beach I have ever been to. The statues out in the water, and other statues along the beach restaurants, make no sense to me. I guess it is some kind of Thai culture. To get to Puek Tian Beach from Chao Samran Beach there is a baht bus (song thaew) that runs infrequently (supposed to run every two hours from 0800 until midnight). I caught the baht bus at 0845 (only 45 minutes late) and got to Puek Tian Beach in about 15 minutes.

I spent a couple hours there metal detecting and only found a few coins, but had a good time at this unique beach. Getting back to Chao Samran Beach from Puek Tian Beach was more of an adventure.

I walked back to the main road to catch the baht bus and waited for 2 hours with none in sight going in either direction. I then set out on foot to hike the 7 kilometers back to my room. About halfway home, I stopped at a small restaurant to get a couple bottles of water. The owner was very nice, but the only water he had was not chilled. I told him not to worry, I really didn’t need cold water – just water. He then got me a glass of ice and asked me to sit with him. I took him up on the offer and had my ice water and chatted with him while he eyed the road looking for someone he knew that would be nice enough to give me a ride for free. Alas, no one came by in the 15 minutes it took me to drink the iced water, so I thanked him very much – especially when he only wanted 10 baht for two bottles of water.

I made it back to Baan Medsai Guesthouse in about 1 1/2 hours with only mild soreness in my feet. Walking a distance in flip-flops is not recommended. I did eventually see two baht buses going in the opposite direction – 7 minutes apart. The owner of the restaurant told that they baht buses run “sometimes”. So, don’t rely on them. If you don’t have your own transportation, be prepared to walk.

There are no taxis or motorcycle taxis to be had anywhere. Puek Tian Beach is not that spectacular, but it looks like another place to go for a weekend getaway. There are small resorts available, but I cannot vouch for any of them: Verano Beach Villa i Tara Resort & Spa Blue Marine Resort

So, if you are looking for a quiet getaway, and want to be relatively close to Bangkok, Puek Tian Beach may be just what you are looking for.

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