Thai Government New Year Road Deaths

The Thai Government, once again, is doing the same things over again that fail to save lives and contribute to the amount of road deaths during the New Year holiday.

All that the Thai Government will do is have some pop star sing a song about driving safely, set up checkpoints in the same locations as always, and issue thousands of tickets for driving with a license, not wearing seat-belts, driving a motorcycle without a helmet, and driving under the influence (DUI).

Thai Government Road Deaths

Thai Government Road Deaths

See, every year, twice per year, the Thai Government pretends to care about the Thai people and comes up with their “Seven Dangerous Days of the New Year” and/or the “Seven Dangerous Days of Songkran” campaigns. And, each year, they say the same old shit – that laws will be strictly enforced, no selling alcohol from street-side stores, an effort will be made to get drinking banned completely, and it will all be for naught.

Because, the lunatic drivers in Thailand will be even crazier since they will be drunk.

We all know what the stats will show us – that the majority of accidents will be working-age males, drunk, speeding, between the hours of 1600 and 2000, and on motorcycles. Yet, the Thai Government will do nothing to stop the madness despite having the data.

All that the Thai Government would have to do to really lower the amount of road deaths during New Year celebrations is to ban motorcycles and provide sufficient free transportation.

Instead, the Thai Government will rely on checkpoints that are in the same locations every year causing those in the know to use the back-roads where most of the accidents will happen.

BANGKOK, 7 December 2014 (NNT) — The national police bureau has launched stringent road safety measures to prevent road accidents during the upcoming New Year Holidays.

Uh, no they haven’t.

Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police, Police General Ruangsak Jarid-ake disclosed on Sunday that the bureau was aimed at providing both convenience and safety for commuters over the New Year Holidays.

No and no.

Traffic command centers across the nation have assigned more police officers and other related units to man check points and enforce tougher regulations since December 1st in a bid to better prepare.

If you have never seen a checkpoint in Thailand, it is a tent-type covered area that blocks one or more lanes of traffic with 10-20 Thai Police Officers sitting around doing nothing. There is usually one or two cops issuing tickets. Blocking traffic lanes does more harm than good. And, there are no tougher regulations.

According the World Health Organization, Thailand is one of the countries with the highest rate of road accidents in the world. The number of road accident-related deaths in the nation usually shoots up during major holidays, including the New Year, when millions of Thais travel by roads to their hometowns and tourist attractions.

Actually, the number decreases because the Thai Government cheats and only counts a road death if the unlucky individual died at the scene. In a country where the WHO number for Thailand is about 72 road deaths per day, the Thai Government count for the Seven Dangerous Days is usually around 35 per day.

Maybe, they can get the cute Thai Police Ladies to dance again. That is sure to save lives.

So, we will continue to hear about the Thai Government and their concern for road safety knowing that it is all just pretend.

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