Thai Tourism Lost In Bangkok

In the funniest story I have read in ages, the ruling Thai dictator has announced that he is going to save Thai Tourism with a film entitled “Lost in Bangkok”.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, General Prayuth will be copying the movie that the Tourism Authority of Thailand funded to the tune of $2 million US dollars, “Lost in Thailand’ and hopefully save Thai Tourism from falling further off the cliff.

Thai Tourism Lost in Bangkok

Thai Tourism Lost in Bangkok

The problem is that General Prayuth, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security have absolutely no idea on how to make a movie on Thai Tourism.

The reason that “Lost in Thailand” succeeded was it was at about the 3rd grade level mentally appealing to those that love slapstick comedy and ladyboys.

The reason this movie, “Lost in Bangkok”, will fail is that it will be made in Thailand, with Thai actors, a Thai theme, Thai music, and only appeal to Thai people and will most likely only be distributed in Thailand.  So, how this will boost Thai Tourism is a mystery to me.

BANGKOK — Thai authorities are in the early stages of producing a film that will lure tourists to Thailand, following the recommendation of junta chairman and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The other possibility is that the movie will be scrapped altogether once the Thai Government realizes it has no Thai Tourism appeal.

“We are going to produce a film,” Gen. Prayuth told told the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) in a speech yesterday. “The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will make a film like Lost in Bangkok.”

Small mistake there.

Gen. Prayuth appeared to be referencing Lost in Thailand, a Chinese comedy that was filmed in northern Thailand and reportedly attracted a significant number of Chinese tourists to the region. 

Significant number of the lowest class of tourists in the world.

“The film will lead tourists to visit Thailand,” Gen. Prayuth said. “They will fall in love and have a crush on each other during their travel [in Thailand].”

Can already see that “Thainess” mindset that we can do something that appeals to Thais and foreigners will also love it.  WRONG.

He added, “Right now we already have the main actor and the main actress. We are still looking for the father of the main actor, and the uncle. Please send your applications to the Ministry of SDHS.”

I would apply, but I cannot work on my current visa.

Observers were initially uncertain whether Gen. Prayuth was making a friendly joke; the general frequently veers off official transcripts during his speeches. 

The General already told the Ministry of Culture to do this, so why the surprise?

Gen. Prayuth, who also serves as the head of the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), added that he wants Thai people to watch less soap operas and read more in order to increase their knowledge and “vision.”

So, limit the amount of crappy soap operas on TV.  Thais, on average, read less than 5 books per year.

Pol.Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, confirmed yesterday that officials have already started a discussion about Gen. Prayuth’s film proposal. 

C’mon, the General wrote his Happiness song in one hour.  Surely, this film can done in one week.

The movie will likely be co-produced by the SDHS and Ministry of Culture, Pol.Gen. Adul said. He gave no other information, but mentioned that the working title of the film is “Lost in Bangkok.”

Mistake already – two organizations that will be competing for power.  Also, notice that neither the Ministry of Tourism and Sports nor the Tourism Authority of Thailand have been invited to the party.

Last month, Gen. Prayuth urged the Ministry of Culture to make a film that will “inspire” foreign tourists to visit Thailand. 

Yeah, right.

He said hoped the the movie would reinvigorate the Kingdom’s tourism industry, which was devastated by six months of deadly political protests prior to the military takeover on 22 May.

And, really devastated by the last 3 months of martial law.

Thai Tourism is down more than 10% for the first eight months and a crappy Thai movie isn’t going to save it.

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