Thai Tourism Operators Desperate For Foreign Tourists

Thai Tourism continues to falter despite being one month into what used to be called “High Season” when many foreign tourists would visit for 1-3 months to get out of the cold.

But, now, those mainly European tourists are going elsewhere leaving Thai Tourism in the dust.

Thai Tourism ITB Asia

Thai Tourism ITB Asia

It doesn’t help Thai Tourism when people see viral videos of beach vendors illegally kicking foreigners off the beach or seeing reports of a 10-kilometer long oil slick at Hua Hin beach.

But a sure indicator that Thai Tourism is in the crapper is when Thai Tourism operators, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, show up at a tourism convention in Singapore in record numbers.

Think about it. If everything was peachy-dandy in Smile-land, a mere token presence would be all that is necessary at this convention. Instead, Thailand sends over 114 exhibitors, 32 co-located with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Just shows how desperate these Thai Tourism operators are for business. Of course, a bombing in Bangkok, haze for weeks down south (thanks Indonesia), scams at the beaches, oil slicks (Mae Ramphueng in Rayong and now Hua Hin), box jellyfish, tourists getting murdered, and a host of other issues like the current government is a dictatorship, has all but killed the Thai Tourism golden goose.

The funny part, to me, is that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is actually bragging that Thailand had the most exhibitors at the ITB Asia at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this month. TAT should have kept this a state secret.

Now you can see why the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Minister of Tourism and Sports are focusing on domestic Thai tourism – they haven’t a clue how to market to foreigners.

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