Thailand Achieves Top Ten Terror Ranking

The annual Global Terrorism Index for 2011 was released by the Vision of Humanity and Thailand is now ranked 8th out of 158 countries for terror attacks.

Thailand ranks #1 in Southeast Asia for terror attacks.

Terror Attacks in Thailand

The Bangkok Post reported Thailand 8th on 2012 global terror index and, as usual, only glossed over the information hoping to minimize damage to the image of Thailand and Thailand Tourism.

– So, I went to the source document – 2012 Global Terrorism Index – to see what else had been omitted.
– First off, Thailand is ranked #8 for terror attacks behind Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Yemen, Somalia, and Nigeria. Some amazing company there. And, here is one line that the Bangkok Post failed to mention:

Thailand, the Philippines, and Russia also accounted for a notable portion of the global total of terrorist incidents at 5%, 4%, and 4% respectively.

– Thailand is responsible for 5% of the total global terrorist incidents. But, Thailand doesn’t refer to them as terror attacks. They are only criminal incidents by insurgents.

Terrorist attacks are highly concentrated in a relatively few places; the ten countries with the most terrorist incidents for 2011 accounted for 87% of total global incidents. All ten recorded over 100 incidents for the year.

– Thailand had, according to the report, 173 terror attack incidents resulting in 142 casualties. Most likely, these numbers come from the Thai Government and will be under-reported. I would say that at least double the amount of terror attacks listed here would be closer to the truth.

The number of fatalities has fluctuated in the last decade, although generally trending upwards. 2009 was the worst year with 283 deaths. More than 85% of terrorist attacks were not claimed nor attributed to any group. It is due to the anonymity of the insurgents that has made it difficult for the Thai government to engage in negotiations. However, out of the terrorists attacks which were claimed or attributed to a group, almost all entirely are related to the insurgency in the south of the country between Muslim separatists and the Thai government. The main targets excluding private citizens were businesses, police and educational institutions including schools which terrorists regarded as representing the Thai government.

– Words straight from the Thai Government – separatists, insurgency – and the number of terror-related deaths is way over 5,000 in the past 8-9 years, so saying that there are only a hundred or so terror attacks annually is way off.

A similar phenomenon occurs in Thailand, with 8% and 13% of targets being directed at educational institutions and governments respectively.

– Thailand has seen this recently with teachers being killed and schools being closed. Thai Government does nothing but ignore terror attacks.

Flawed democracies are the government type with the second highest level of terrorism and have seen terrorist incidents double from 2002 to 2011. This was primarily due to events in India, Thailand and Pakistan.

– Referring to Thailand as a “flawed democracy” is being kind.
– As bad as the Global Terrorism Ranking is, the response from the foot-in-mouth Thai Government is worse. Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm completely disregards the reports and tells the world that there is no terrorism in Thailand.

There is no terrorism in Thailand, just political demonstrations and the insurgency in the deep South, Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said on Thursday.

– Brutal murders and beheadings, schools being burned, bombs going off daily, and Chalerm says there is no terrorism in Thailand. What part of Muslim Terrorists doesn’t Chalerm understand?

Mr Chalerm was commenting on the report of the Australian Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) that ranked Thailand eighth in a global list of 158 countries where terrorism has had the most impact in the past decade. The index takes into account the number of terrorist incidents, fatalities, injuries and damage.

– Thailand should actually be ranked in the top 5 if all terrorist attacks were reported.

“There have been more political protests recently and they might lead to this kind of understanding,” the deputy premier in charge of security affairs said.

– Khun Chalerm – read the report – this covers from 2002-2011 – not just recently.

He said he was confident that the immigration and public security police and other security agencies were still working efficiently.

– Thailand, like President Obama, doesn’t like using the “T” word and prefers to call them insurgents and claims to be keeping the peace in Southern Thailand. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

He said the US once claimed that members of the Hezbollah militant group had entered Thailand and he told the US that it would not be a problem because the government had the Immigrant Act to deal with the issue.

– This was not an idle claim. This was fact and the Thai Government was about to let Atris Hussein leave Thailand and it wasn’t until the US Embassy posted a terror threat warning on its web site that the Thai Government arrested Atris Hussein and subsequently found his bomb making warehouse. Then we had the three Iranian stooges that were making bombs in Bangkok and blew themselves up. The problem, the stories have now died. No news on Atris Hussein since January 2012.

The US did not believe the government. But when the truth was out, it was not what the US embassy understood, he added.

– HUH? This goes back to the US Embassy issuing a travel advisory that pissed off the Thai Government. Can’t handle the truth. Typical Thai logic – point fingers everywhere else and never accept responsibility.

“Thailand is not yet the land of terrorism because we’re a Buddhist country, we don’t take sides and we’re friends with everyone.

– First off, Thailand is not a Buddhist country. Thailand is a Thai-Buddhist country and in no way, shape, or form resembles real Buddhism. And, Thailand is not friends with everyone. Remember Preah Vihear?

“We don’t treat our neighbouring countries differently and therefore I’m not worried about the [terrorism] news,” Mr Chalerm said.

– Khun Chalerm, you need to not only be worried about the terrorism news, you need to get off your ass and do something about it instead of just talking.

On the continuing unrest in Thailand’s southern border provinces, he said the insurgents had an idea of separating the far South from the country and misunderstood that people in the region were continually being mistreated by authorities.

– Yes, blame the victims. They misunderstand. The problem is the Thai Government doesn’t do anything with these three southern provinces because the problem isn’t in Bangkok. If the insurgents terrorists from the South came to Bangkok and beheaded a teacher, burned down a school, or bombed a market, then, and only then, would some action be taken.

The IEP might combine the political protests and the southern violence in the country into one issue and consider it terrorism, he said.

– Sure, blame the guys doing the report for getting it wrong. The terror attacks in the south are way more than political protests. Maybe Khun Chalerm should read the report.

“If the media stops presenting news about the southern unrest, the situation would improve. Today, people in the three southernmost provinces and four districts of Songkhla province are not scared of the unrest but the news are making people in Bangkok and other places scared of the South.

– Ridiculous. Blame the media for doing their job and reporting on the terrorism. I also think that those that live in the South fear for their lives daily. Why doesn’t the Thai Government do something? Why doesn’t Chalerm visit the South and sit down and try to find out what the other side actually wants and try to broker a deal?

“Even though I’ve not yet visited the South, I’m working closely with the national police chief and provincial police chiefs and I’m talking to them on the phone every week,” the deputy prime minister said.

– HAHAHA – talking on the phone with the Thai Police. Why not visit and talk to the Thai Military there? Why not talk too Muslim leaders in the area? Why haven’t you visited the South Khun Chalerm?

Concerning the closure of schools in Narathiwat province due to safety concerns, Mr Chalerm said there were some ways to improve the situation.

– Hmmmm. Maybe fighting the terrorists and trying to get rid of them instead of tolerating them?

The budget and equipment for state officials working in the deep South had to be sufficient and there must also be adequate welfare and measures to boost their morale, he said.

– Blah blah blah – avoid the real issues and the Global Terrorism Index report.

According to report from, some schools in Narathiwat remained closed in wake of recent teacher killings, as a group of local teachers had proposed five measures for the government to implement to ensure their safety.

– Chalerm told the teachers to sleep at the schools if it was too dangerous to travel from their house to the school. Idiot.

Sanguan Indhrarak, president of the Teachers’ Federation in Narathiwat, said that from a meeting with all 369 schools in the province, the federation is planning to demand five measures to Education minister Pongthep Thepkanjana.

– Making demands of the Education Minister solves nothing. The demands need to be made of Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

These included the ministry must reconsider teachers’ transfer requests which have previously been rejected, to relocate Buddhist teachers to city areas, to form security force units to ensure teachers’ safety at tambon-level, to provide extra protection for individuals’ teachers if requested. Last, the group is demanding for all schools in the province to be closed on Dec 6 and 7 as their administrators have to attend a meeting with the education minister in Pattani province.

– Sadly, these will not do anything to stop the terrorist attacks.

The report said many schools, mostly those in populated areas, have already reopened after receiving complaint from parents that their children’s education has been affected by the repeatedly closures during the academic year.

– Not going to touch the quality of education in Thailand, but the parents should be more concerned with the safety of the children first, and quality of education second.
– The people of the South need to start making their voices heard by the Thai Government or the terror attacks will eventually make their way to Bangkok.

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