Thailand Airport Security Lax?

I posted yesterday about a C7 Customs Official who boxed the ears of a Thailand Airport Security Guard along with the viral video posted on YouTube.

It was brought to my attention that, as bad as the arrogant asshole Customs Official is, who thinks he is a very important Thai Government Official and doesn’t need to be scanned, there were 4 or 5 others in his “group” that also didn’t get scanned by Airport Security. This has scary implications.

Airport Security

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport

If all one has to do is act important, shout at the security guard, smack his ears, and then walk through Airport Security in Thailand without being scanned, this shows the bad guys how easy it is to get past Thailand Airport Security without being checked. Or, have someone do this as a diversion to let a bomber walk on through.

Initially, I felt bad for the poor Airport Security guy that got his ears smacked as he was kowtowing to the supposed high ranking Thai Government Official, and now find out he has a ruptured eardrum, but he has now admitted to letting “VIP’s” through Airport Security before without being scanned. This is oh so wrong. From the Bangkok Post, Guard distraught after assault, Sirichai Maichum, the Airport Security guard who got smacked and lost a ton of “face” in front of co-workers and now over 1.4 million viewers on YouTube, admits that there is special treatment for the elite.

“I am as polite as possible to passengers. During my five years working here, I have come across other VIPs who refuse to have a body scan. I have never tried to stop them going through.

Never tried to stop them after they refuse to be checked by Airport Security? I guess that the elite lead by exception and not by example. Now, I understand that there can be a special line for 1st class passengers, regular travelers, military, etc., but they still need to be checked. In the USA, pilots and flight crew have “head of the line” privileges, but still get checked by Airport Security. But, this so-called VIP didn’t go to the VIP line at Airport Security. He went to the “Joe Average” line and was subject to being hand scanned with a metal detector.

Mr Sirichai said there are two channels for security checks _ one for ordinary passengers and the other one for cabin crew and staff with authorisation. Mr Sombat came through the ordinary passenger channel with his VIP group but he refused to submit to a body pat-down, Mr Sirichai said. “He shouted very loudly: “You have no right to check me’ and showed me his customs officer’s card,” Mr Sirichai said. “I felt scared. I said I was sorry and moved backwards but he walked towards me and thumped my ears until a woman in the VIP group told him to stop.” Reports said Mr Sombat also remonstrated with Mr Sirichai. He asked him why he was being subjected to the checks when he passed the checkpoint so frequently. Mr Sirichai has lodged a complaint with police.

And, the Thai Police have given Khun Sombat one week to report before an arrest warrant is issued. According to The Nation, Accused slapper yet to appear, Mr. Sombat hasn’t turned himself in yet. Anyhow, take as second look at the video and watch how many people scurry past Airport Security while the slapping incident is going on. How safe is it in Thailand’s Airports? Would this have happened at Airport Security in your country? Another issue that may be used by Khun Sombat, since Thais love to deflect any wrongdoing elsewhere, is who leaked the Airport Security video to YouTube? Will heads roll at Airport Security?

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