Thailand’s Minister of Interior Launches “Safety Thailand” Campaign Guaranteed To Fail

As Thailand approaches the New Year, the Minister of Interior has come up with a new campaign called “Safety Thailand” to run over the Seven Dangerous Days of the New Year.

The campaign claims to be something new, but, in reality, the Minister of Interior and other related ministries will just do the same old shit they do every year and wind up killing more and more people.

Minister of Interior Safety Thailand

Minister of Interior Safety Thailand

See, the Minister of Interior and the rest of the knuckleheads in the Thai Government have all the data they need to prevent road deaths (Thailand is #2 globally). They know most road deaths are males, 18-25, drunk, riding a motorcycle without a helmet, on secondary roads between 1600 and 2000.

So, what does the Minister of Interior, the Royal Thai Police, and the rest of the Thai Government do? Set up checkpoints in the same locations every year – on main roads at major intersections causing more harm than good.

Anyhow, here is this year’s master plan.

BANGKOK, 3 December 2015 (NNT) – The Minister of Interior today held a meeting to launch the national initiative “Safety Thailand” to reduce road accidents during the 2016 New Year festivities.

The problem is that the road death counts usually go up instead of down.

Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda, as chairman of the Road Safety Directing Center, called the meeting to discuss the implementation of safety policies during the 2016 New Year festivities. Officials will be on high alert during the seven risky days from December 29 to January 4 to prevent road accidents as much as possible.

Yawn. No, they won’t. They will be camped out over by Central Plaza in Khon Kaen drinking coffee, reading the paper, and stopping the occasional motorist not wearing a helmet instead of out patrolling the roads.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet has approved the use of speed meters and alcohol level testers as requested by the Royal Thai Police. In addition the Ministry of Science and Technology will propose to the cabinet a device that will measure alcohol levels in individuals more rapidly than existing devices.

Nothing new hear. Radar guns will mean that a Royal Thai Police Officer will actually have to get out of his air conditioned office though. And, I wouldn’t trust the Ministry of Science and Silly Ideas to come up with anything. Remember the Bangkok floods a couple years ago and the Minister of Science and Technology wanted to use 1,000 boat propellers to push the flood water out to sea?

The Cabinet agreed that past efforts to ensure road safety have been unsatisfactory, based on the prevalence of drunk driving and various traffic violations. The government must therefore focus on cultivating a safe driving mentality among drivers and strictly enforce laws.

It is really very simple. Yes, enforce the laws and enforce them on everyone. Impound vehicles. Provide shuttles. Ban the use of motorcycles. Impose heavy fines. Make people actually go to court instead of paying on the spot.

Or, do like I do. Stay home, barbecue and have family members spend time at our house and stay off the roads. The Minister of Interior will surely fail.

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