Tourism Authority Of Thailand Digital ASEAN Economic Community Fail

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is at it again with yet another worthless website designed supposedly to attract tourists from the ASEAN community.

Now, I have no idea what TAT unleashes Asean drive through marketing, online means, and I doubt that the Tourism Authority of Thailand knows what “drive through marketing” is.  Get what you order and nothing more and make sure it is fast, accurate and of good value.  Not gonna happen in Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand ASEAN Drive-Through

Tourism Authority of Thailand ASEAN Drive-Through

The Tourism Authority of Thailand remains clueless marketing to foreigners and this is definite proof.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aims to promote the kingdom more in Asean and expects to welcome at least 7 million tourists from the region this year.

Yes, I am sure that the Tourism Authority of Thailand will target those high-end tourists in Laos, Cambodia and Burma.

As it prepares for the Asean Economic Community (AEC), TAT has focused on building Thailand as a tourism hub for Asean, developing a high-quality workforce to serve the industry and promoting intra-tourism under cooperation with Asean members.

The only “hub” that Thailand will be is the gateway hub to the other ASEAN countries.  There is no high-quality workforce, especially when talking about the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Sansern Ngaorungsi, TAT deputy governor for international marketing (Asia and South Pacific), said this strategy will be a key factor to boost tourist arrivals from Asean countries to at least 7 million this year, up from 6.2 million last year, to go with a revenue target of 200 billion baht.

Hmmmm.  According to the Thailand Department of Tourism website with their foreign tourist statistics, during the first 1/2 of 2012, ASEAN members supposedly spent 77 million baht in Thailand.  There are no stats available at the website for the 2nd 1/2 of 2012, so I will just double the first 1/2 to 154 million baht.  Now, the Tourism Authority of Thailand expects the revenue to increase to 200 BILLION baht?  Even if that is a typographical error that should read 200 MILLION baht, that is quite an increase of revenue to expect and  there is no way for the Tourism Authority of Thailand to know how much each and every ASEAN tourist spends.

TAT will organise a business networking event and invite Asean tourism operators. It will also seriously promote Thailand as the final destination of Asean through online and offline media.

Oh, joy!  Another convention.  When will the Tourism Authority of Thailand join the digital age and hold video teleconferences?

Apart from its two main websites, and, TAT has developed to promote the country in Asean.

First off, no one, not even Thais in Thailand, know about the two main websites.  Secondly, this new website, AECTourismThai is in English and Thai, but the stories are different (different RSS feeds). The Tourism Authority of Thailand needs to learn that what is published in Thai needs to be published in English – not different stories in the two languages.

So, I go to the new website, click on the British flag for English, and then select “TAT Download” and am taken to a blank page.

Next, I click on “About AEC” and select one of the countries to see the text.  I choose Vietnam and see the nice, big text.  I copy one line and check Google and discover the text has been stolen from the book “A Short History of South-East Asia” – page 182 to be exact.  Looks like the Tourism Authority of Thailand once again disregards Intellectual Property law and steals text.

Clicking on the “Tourism” tab, and we get a page of RSS feeds about the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thailand Tourism in general.

The “Transportation” section is yet another bunch of RSS feeds as is the “Economy and Investment” section and the “Related Articles” page.

Clicking on the YouTube icon to go to the AECTourismThai channel, I see that it has been active since September 2012 and has uploaded 7 whole videos with a total viewership for ALL the videos of 130 views. WOW!  Gangnam Style better watch out.

The videos, at least the first one – the color of Thailand – have already been uploaded to YouTube under other Tourism Authority of Thailand channels.  And, 6 of the 7 videos are in the Thai language.

Visiting the AECTourismThai Facebook page, I see that it is entirely in the Thai language.  The AECTOURISMTHAI Twitter feed has a whopping 4 followers and has made 10 total tweets – 9 of them on 7 February 2012 and all in the Thai language.  You can see that the Tourism Authority of Thailand really has absolutely no understanding of Social Media.

From 2011-12, Mr Sansern was chairman of the Asean Tourism Marketing and Communications Working Group, which introduced a marketing strategy as part of a tourism plan.

If the above web site and social media data are the result of the Asean Tourism Marketing and Communications Working Group, then Khun Sansern and the rest of the group should be fired for incompetence.

The rest of the article talks about the Tourism Authority of Thailand grand plan to attract high-end tourists with yet another website and that will be the topic of my next post.

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