Tourism Authority Of Thailand Dumbest Idea Of The Year

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come with a real doozy of an idea to celebrate the New Year Countdown this coming December 31st (or the week prior knowing TAT).

See, the Tourism Authority of Thailand wants to have the New Year Countdown celebration at a temple – a temple that is under construction. Wat Arun – the temple of the dawn.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Wat Arun

Tourism Authority of Thailand Wat Arun

No mention in the article if the Tourism Authority of Thailand would also try to make the area an alcohol-free zone, but I would bet they do – which kind of defeats the normal Thai celebrations.

Normally, whenever the Tourism Authority of Thailand comes up with a hare brained scheme, they fail – simply because no one does anything to check the logistics. You know – like traffic, parking, crossing the Chao Phraya River at night, and toilets.

No, the Tourism Authority of Thailand says – lets go down by the river at a temple under construction that will have to rip down scaffolding and then re-erect it after New Year’s Day, all because the Tourism Authority of Thailand thinks that the BBC and CNN will want to be onsite to shoot the event – which we all know won’t happen.

The article is long so I will just pick out the juicy bits from the Tourism Authority of Thailand:

TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn said his agency wanted to attract the attention of foreign travellers in a big way after the Aug 17 bombing of the Erawan Shrine.

Uh, sorry there Mr. Governor. Foreigners don’t want to spend New Year’s eve at a Buddhist temple. Thais don’t either.

“Bangkok is one of the world’s top 10 tourist destinations. The number of visitors falls only 400,000 short of arrivals in London,” he said.

Uh, not any more.

“It’s a pity not to see Bangkok featured in global New Year countdown coverage on major international TV networks such as CNN and BBC.”

Right. Wat Arun versus Times Square.

The TAT is confident the image of Wat Arun will represent the Thai identity, in line with the “Discover Thainess” tourism promotion.

How? Tearing down the scaffolding?

Mr Yuthasak said while the countdown would cost anywhere from 100-200 million baht to organise, it would be worth it.

Right. Throw a ton of money at it – always the answer from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. $3-$7 million dollars for one night’s event. BIG WASTE OF MONEY.

The countdown is expected to be a main factor in achieving the 2016 tourism revenue target of 2.3 trillion baht, he said.

The first event of the year that may cost 200 million baht is going to be the catalyst for hitting your ridiculous number?

Growth of 20% is then projected for both 2017 and 2018 before exceeding 1 trillion baht for domestic tourism in 2018.


This new and totally unqualified Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is absolutely clueless.

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