Tourism Authority Of Thailand Finally Understands Social Media

After many, many years of failing, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has finally come up with an advertising campaign that went viral on the Internet.

After it was exposed that the Tourism Authority of Thailand was behind the sappy, soap opera video, “I Hate Thailand”, and it wasn’t a true story, the video garnered even more views – now over 1 1/2 million.

Tourism Authority of Thailand I Hate Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand I Hate Thailand

Despite the video going viral, the Tourism Authority of Thailand still managed to screw up. How?

Very easy. Watch the video and tell me who the target audience is.  Is it the upscale tourists with big money and deep pockets?  I don’t think so. It is the typical backpacker that the Tourism Authority of Thailand promotes to always usually with press releases and stupid games geared towards Songkran, Khao San Road, and tuk-tuks.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand did a good job hiring this company and putting out a video that isn’t the same old temples, markets and elephants, but this one doesn’t address how the guy survived after throwing rocks at taxis, how he gets a hot chick when he has no money, and how he manages to stay in Thailand with no mention of visas, border runs, or work permits.

Yes, I know that it is fiction. Unlike the many Thai news media sources that were sure it was the real deal until Coconuts exposed the “actor” was hired by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for this marketing campaign. No mention of a previous video entitled “Never Go To Thailand” – same basic reverse strategy.

And, it worked. It got the message out.  What message? I am not sure. Maybe that scruffy backpackers can lose their belongings and get the girl and stay in country.  What message was it supposed to convey?  That Thai people are friendly and mainly to counter the double murders on Koh Tao and other stories of muggings, drugging, rape and murder.

It also is supposed to counter the effects of the coup d’etat, martial law, protests and the shrinking amount of tourists visiting the Land of Scams Smiles.

Did it work?  To a degree, yes.  It garnered a lot of attention, got a lot of views, and got even more press when it was revealed that the Tourism Authority of Thailand was behind it.

But, the big question still remains.  Will it bring in more tourists?  I doubt it.

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