Tourism Authority Of Thailand Insane Forecast

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, after claiming they are only targeting quality tourists and not worrying about numbers any more, have made the absolutely insane prediction that Thailand will welcome 50 Million tourists in the year 2018.

In 2014, foreign tourist arrivals dropped drastically thanks to the Bangkok Shutdown protests and the May coup d’etat – around 30%-40% as reported by the Association of Thai Travel Agents – not the 6.66% as reported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Laem Mae Phim

Tourism Authority of Thailand Laem Mae Phim

This year, despite all the glowing comparisons to last year, Thai Tourism is still in the shitter or maybe the Tourism Authority of Thailand didn’t read this article about the lack of foreigners in Pattaya.

The forecast for 2015 was ridiculous at 28.8 million foreign tourist arrivals and then was upped to 30 million foreign tourist arrivals.

Not to be outdone, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is predicting 20% increases annually with 2018 seeing 50 million foreign tourist arrivals. Absolutely insane.

This is despite the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) forecasting its usual 3%-4% annually.

Giddy in anticipation of breaking arrival records this year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand thinks the country can attract 50 million visitors in 2018.

Records are only broken because of the way that the Tourism Authority of Thailand counts “tourists” – anyone who enters Thailand for less than one year. Think about it.

The agency expects the number of foreign tourists to grow by 20% annually over the next three years, Post Today Online quoted TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn as saying.

Twenty percent annually? This new, unqualified Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is making ridiculous claims. Why would Thailand experience such growth when the rest of the world is only seeing 4% increases in foreign tourist arrivals?

Thailand predicts 36 million overseas travellers will arrive next year, with that number jumping to 43 million in 2017 and to 50 million in 2018.

Guess this new Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand doesn’t realize that Thai tourism is down thanks to the Bangkok bombing at the Erawan shrine, floods, Russian ruble devaluation, stock market crash in China, the same old scams in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, human trafficking and slavery reports almost daily, and the country being ruled by a dictator.

Mr Yuthasak said all TAT overseas offices in 35 countries will be directed to come up with marketing plans to lure tourists to achieve the target, he added. The cabinet will be informed about the targets through Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul.

Ah, tourists have to be lured to Thailand. A much smarter move would be to close the offices in those 35 countries since they don’t have any impact on tourists going to Thailand. In the USA, there are two offices – one in California and the other in New York. Have you ever heard of anyone using those offices or those offices actually doing anything to promote Thailand? Is there any other country that has so many tourism offices globally?

Thailand is aiming for 28.8 million foreign visitors this year and the TAT is hopeful final figures will come in closer to 30 million, despite the bombing of the Erawan shrine on Aug 17.

Only the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Tourism Council of Thailand would think that Thai Tourism numbers would increase after a bombing that killed 20 and injured 125+.

The Fiscal Policy Office reported 21.1 million tourists coming to Thailand from Jan 1 to Sept 17, slightly more than half of them entering the country through Suvarnabhumi airport.

Right. And the Tourism Authority of Thailand reported one million arrivals in the 10 days following the Bangkok bombing. The numbers are pure fiction.

The number of tourists grew 32.9% from Aug 1-17 and then plunged to 7.7% after two explosions hit the capital, it said without elaborating on the number.

It was reported on 8 September that tourism dropped by 1.3 million arrivals after the bombing. And, this was from the Thai Government so it was really 2-3 times worse than admitted.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand can continue this charade of foreign tourist arrivals but no one in their right mind believes them.

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