Tourism Authority Of Thailand Launches Thailand Checkpoint
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand continues to show they are clueless when it come to marketing to foreigners or local Thais.

So, just what is “Thailand Checkpoint”? I don’t know and I doubt that the Tourism Authority Of Thailand knows either.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Checkpoint

Tourism Authority of Thailand Checkpoint

The Tourism Authority Of Thailand should kbow what “Checkpoint” means in Thailand.

From what I gather from the propaganda article is that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is targetting local Thais with some sort of scavenger hunt to get them to visit 12 different areas of the country and get their “checkpoint book” stamped to win some sort of crappy prize.

BANGKOK, 22 October 2015 (NNT) – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is gearing up to stimulate the tourism sector in the lead up to 2016 with the “Thailand Checkpoint” project while setting the goal for tourism revenue for 2016 at 807 billion Baht.

Brilliant Tourism Authority of Thailand. Instead of focusing on getting foreigners to Thailand for high season, or targetting other ASEAN countries as we get closer to the ASEAN Economic Community, the TAT comes up with a silly campaign that about 10 people will participate in.

TAT Governor Yuttasak Supasorn said the TAT will promote 12 ‘must see’ provinces to encourage tourism across the regions of the country. The project will help the provinces to accommodate increased tourism and expects to draw a growing number of tourists to the various destinations.

Ah, the 12 “hidden gems” again. Failed two years running and the Tourism Authority of Thailand continues to pursue this.

Mr Yuttasak also revealed that the “Thailand Checkpoint” project is being designed to encourage Thais to visit local destinations to stimulate domestic spending. Strategies include a stamp book indicating where travelers have been, in order to qualify for a draw with prizes worth up to 1 million Baht.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand doesn’t seem to understand that the people of Thailand are up to their eyeballs in debt.

He added that in 2016, the TAT plans to attract 150.8 million tourists with a goal of generating 807 billion baht in revenue from domestic spending and 1.536 trillion baht from foreign tourists.

Again, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has no idea what they are doing.

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