Tourism Authority Of Thailand Mobile Applications Fiasco
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The Tourism Authority of Thailand prides itself on being digitally in-tune, but the reality is, TAT sucks at mobile device applications.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can read the reviews of the Tourism Authority of Thailand mobile applications at their website.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Mobile Applicatons

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come out this past week touting a campaign to attract “FIT” – Free Independent Travelers” – by partnering with Google, TripAdvisor, and Zizzee.  And, TAT is now going after domestic tourists using mobile applications in the Thai Language.  If the apps in Thai area anything like the apps in English, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is set to fail once again.

You can go to the official Tourism Authority of Thailand mobile apps sub-dommain – and see the list of apps – which are basically glorified ebooks.

But, if you really want to know how bad the Tourism Authority of Thailand sucks in the mobile app department, read the comments for the mobile applications.

For the Tourism Authority of Thailand Thai Cookbook:

Good recipes, nice pics BUT very limited dishes.

 For their Top 50 Amazing Experiences in Thailand:

Not practical to use!
by Chris_ZA I’m off to Thailand next week and I was unable ti use this app to find places near to where I am going. It needs:

•Grouping by area
•Maps for each item (google maps so we can zoom)

Unable to use the app – good job TAT.

Disappointing. Not AMAZING places

by Pouckja

Appears to be more of an advertising app. I’m Thai, and I find this app short of expectations. It’s missing a lot of the obvious places (chiangmai night bazaar, the long necks hill tribe, etc,). And too many resort/hotel places listed in the 50 places. Did these places pay money to get on the list? People need to see Thailand for it’s natural and cultural beauty, not for it’s pricey accommodations. And number 1 should not be an opium museum.

I have suspected this for quite some time that hotels and restaurants pay to get listed in guidebooks from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

There are two apps, IThai, and Muay Thai that take you to the iTunes main page – meaning – there is NO app as listed.

‘The reaming 18 of the total 22 mobile applications have this for “Customer Ratings”:

We have not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of this application.

So, it would appear that not many folks are downloading and using these Amazing Thailand Miracle Year 2012-2013 mobile applications.

So, the Tourism Authority of Thailand will contract out to third party to develop some of their crappy eBooks into mobile applications that Thai people won’t use.

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