Tourism Authority Of Thailand Ridiculous New Year Prediction

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has once again made a ridiculous forecast for the number of foreign tourists that will visit the Kingdom to celebrate the New Year.

But, at least one online media source is beginning to question the unchallenged claims made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Bangkok

Tourism Authority of Thailand Bangkok

TTR Weekly reports that TAT outlines New Year plans, and questions the veracity of the claims made by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

BANGKOK, 4 December 2012: Tourism Authority of Thailand estimates New Year activities at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection could attract as many as 1 million international tourists and generate Bt2,500 million in revenue.

– This goes beyond ridiculous. One million international tourists? The Tourism Authority of Thailand must be drunk or stoned to make such a ludicrous forecast. Tourist arrivals run at about 70,000 total at Suvarnabhumi daily with about 40% of that number being foreign tourists – that would be about 28,000 daily. If we calculate this for the 31 days of December, total arrivals is under 900,000 and then we have to assume that each and every tourist will stay for the New Year celebration and only visit Bangkok.

TAT events department director, Wiwatchai Boonyapak, said: “During the last weekend of this month, 24 to 31 December, over 1 million foreigners will flock to the major venue at Ratchaprasong intersection to celebrate the upcoming year which will circulate Bt2,500 million during the period.”

– Wiwatchai must have gotten into the eggnog early with this claim. There is no way in hell that there will be one million foreigners at the New Year event. There will not be 1 million Thais at the event. Thailand just celebrated the birthday of His Majesty the King and there was an estimated 200,000 people in attendance and the New Year celebration will not attract more than 10% of that number. As far as the revenue estimate goes, $83 million US dollars is totally insane. The problem, is that no one questions an official of the Thai Government.

He gave no details of how he reached that conclusion as there is no method of evaluating the nationality or residency of the thousands of New Year revelers who attend the New Year countdown in Bangkok.

– He plucked out his ass.

But it justifies, spending and promotional budgets and no one holds the TAT accountable for its statements or revenue evaluations once an event closes.

– No one challenges or justifies the Tourism Authority of Thailand 6 billion baht budget each year either.

Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association president Chai Srivikorn said the association has joined with four public and private organisations– TAT, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Royal Thai Police and VISA to host the “Happiness is all around @ Ratchaprasong” campaign to attract shoppers.

– I just spent a couple of weeks in Bangkok and Thais and foreigners don’t go to malls to shop. They go to get some air conditioning and maybe have a meal. No one buys anything from these stores.

“The campaign will attract more than 16 million tourists both Thais and foreigners to the shopping hub and circulate Bt13 billion in revenue during 21 to 31 December.”

– These numbers are even more ridiculous than the Tourism Authority of Thailand New Year prediction. But, since this shopping area is working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, they must be taking bullshit lessons from TAT. 16 million tourists in a 10-day period. Total Bullshit. 13 Billion baht – over 1 billion baht per day? Absolutely ridiculous. That is over $33 million US dollars per day in revenue daily.

Again critics will say it is an exaggerated claim to hype the event without backing up statements with data that could be independently verified.

– I guess I am a critic then. TTR Weekly hits the nail on the head saying that stupid exaggerated statements are never challenged and are impossible to verify – which is why the Tourism Authority of Thailand continues to make them.

He said business at Ratchaprasong has already returned to the peak of 2009, while tourists from the United States and Europe, who are not visiting Thailand, have largely been replaced by visitors from China, India and Russia.

– And, those tourists from China, India and Russia don’t spend money like their counterparts in the US and Europe did in the past.

Ratchaprasong is one of 10 locations assigned for New Year countdown celebrations in Bangkok, but it is the most publicised venue due to its high profile shopping malls.

– This is also stupid. On New Year’s eve, people are not out shopping. They are out drinking and eating. Again, it shows how the Tourism Authority of Thailand is clueless and anyone that associates with them is just as clueless.
– The rest of the article goes on to highlight some of the areas that the Tourism Authority of Thailand has deemed worthy of being promoted this year with Khon Kaen being left out in the cold. The New Year countdown is celebrated everywhere but the Tourism Authority of Thailand selects various areas each year to promote in hopes of spreading some of the imaginary revenue around.
– The one thing that the Tourism Authority of Thailand will never mention is the Seven Dangerous Days of the New Year and the under-reported road deaths that occur because that would damage the precious image of Thailand.

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