Tourism Authority Of Thailand Stalker Video Captures 2015 Bottom Six Award

Failing to capitalize on the one time the Tourism Authority of Thailand had a viral video, I Hate Thailand, TAT followed up with one of the creepiest video advertisements ever.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand failed to see how creepy it is for someone to see a photo on Instagram and travel half-way around the world to find that person. It is called stalking.

Tourism Authority of Thaialnd new logo

Tourism Authority of Thaialnd new logo

To the Tourism Authority of Thailand, it must have looked cute, or nahrak, since that seems to be how most things are judged in Thailand.

Campaign Asia-Pacific came up with a list of the worst WTF? campaign ads of 2015 and the Tourism Authority of Thailand tops the list with their stalker video – Love EnRoute.

Here is what Campaign Asia-Pacific had to say about the video from the Tourism Authority of Thailand:

Tourism Thailand: Come visit our paradise for stalkers

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is trying hard to make viral videos, and succeeding to some extent. Its ‘I hate Thailand‘ video made waves in late 2014, and just this week, a new video called ‘Pray for Anna‘ incited some comment. But is all publicity good publicity? We don’t believe so, especially in the case of the video below, released in March. Intended to “promote the unique traditions, cultures and attractions of Thailand to both the local Thai people and international tourists”, it instead attracted criticism for being a “stalker” video that is at best “creepy”.

Here is the video:

The Tourism Authority of Thailand even came out and defended their creepiness with this:

“It is most certainly not the intention of the producers to portray or encourage ‘stalker-like’ behaviour. In an age of digital media the Ministry of Culture has simply drawn on a modern day way of life where people use social media to seek inspiration and make new friends with common interests.”

The really hard part to comprehend is why the Tourism Authority of Thailand didn’t capitalize more on the ‘I Hate Thailand’ video and come with some sort of series that followed the same idea. But, I guess that is why I keep saying that the Tourism Authority of Thailand still hasn’t figured out what social media is.

Thailand’s Bar-B-Q Plaza also made the list with ‘The Waiter’s Mom’ – a tear-jerker for Mother’s Day that failed famously.

Looks like the Tourism Authority of Thailand has some competition in the “clueless” department.

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