Tourism Authority Of Thailand Wants You To Skip Work And Take A Vacation

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is scraping the bottom of the brilliant ideas barrel with it latest campaign – Amazing Weekday.

And, I thought that all of the Tourism Authority of Thailand campaigns this year were supposed to include the word “Miracle” in them.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Skip Work

Tourism Authority of Thailand Skip Work

This is just another Tourism Authority of Thailand campaign that has been renamed. Back last month it was called “Use the Weekdays as Your Holiday” and it was a dumb idea then and remains a dumb idea now.

Here is the brilliant plan:

Thawatchai Arunyik, the deputy governor for the domestic market, said the target groups for the campaign are retirees (numbering 7.4 million nationwide), housewives and business owners.

Target retirees with no money, housewives that have kids to take care of and business owners who have nothing better to do than fuck off instead of running their business. These are not Thai Government employees who can take off on a whim since they do nothing and will not be missed in the least if they holiday for a week or three.

The campaign is also focusing on first-jobbers, families and white-collar workers aged 25-39 (numbering 3.4 million).

Uh, I think all these people work for a living during the week and can’t just skip work or call in sick because they will get FIRED. This is a concept that apparently the Tourism Authority of Thailand, a Thai Government organization, does not comprehend.

Designed specifically for Thais, the campaign is meant to help operators fill their businesses on weekdays, especially during the low season.

Most Tourism Authority of Thailand campaigns are designed specifically at Thais since the Tourism Authority of Thailand has absolutely no idea how to market to foreigners. If they did, they would target a large market already here in Thailand – the retired, foreign expats. There are a bunch of us, we love to travel, and also love discounts. But, the Tourism Authority of Thailand neglects us all the time.

“We believe the continuing boost of domestic tourism will be key to meeting our tourism revenue target of 2 trillion baht by 2015.”

Only because the Tourism Authority of Thailand will lie about the numbers and since there is no way for anyone to determine how much any tourist spends, this will go unchallenged.

The TAT expects the number of domestic trips this year to increase by 6% to 104 million, generating revenue of 422 billion baht.

There is no way in hell for the Tourism Authority of Thailand to know how many domestic trips are taken on any given day nor do they know how much baht is spent.

As part of the campaign, more than 200 tourism operators nationwide – spas, hotels, restaurants and golf courses – are offering discounts of up to 55% to attract domestic tourists on weekdays (Monday to Thursday).

I wonder where this list is. I have not seen anything posted on Facebook or Twitter. I realize that the marketing material will be all in the Thai Language, but I am sure that the “Amazing Weekday” portion would be in English.

Apart from revenue generated by the industry, the TAT expects the number of local trips to hit 200,000 during the two-month drive ending Sept 30.

How will the Tourism Authority of Thailand know? They won’t. They will just make up numbers and tell us that they exceeded their goal – even if there are floods, earthquakes, global recession, unemployment, or an invasion from Mars.

Now, workers can play hooky from work, go to Hadyai for the fashion show in terrorist town, and hope they make it out alive and still have their job when they return. One of the dumber ideas from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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