Tourism Authority Of Thailand Wins Three Worthless Awards

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will be given three worthless awards from the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) – an organization that the TAT is a paying member of.

This is a time of year that these two organizations can kiss each other’s ass and try to look like they are worthy of something.  And, don’t be fooled.  The Tourism Authority of Thailand winning these awards means nothing – especially when foreign tourist arrivals for the month of June 2014 is down almost 25% compared to June 2013.

Tourism Authority of Thailand PATA

Tourism Authority of Thailand PATA

The Tourism Authority of Thailand received three “Gold” awards – but – gold means second place.  Grand prizes are the ones to win.  And, this year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand failed to win one of the four grand prizes.

The big four to shoot for are:

The PATA Grand Awards are presented to outstanding entries in four principal categories: Marketing; Education and Training; Environment; and Heritage and Culture.

So, the Tourism Authority of Thailand failed to market Thailand, provide education and training, help the environment, and promote Thailand’s heritage and culture.

So, what did the Tourism Authority of Thailand win their three awards for?

First award was Marketing Media – Social Media – I almost spit out my water when I read this since the Tourism Authority of Thailand doesn’t know how to use Social Media.  How did TAT win this – they created a page on Google+ and had other people upload and forfeit the copyright to photos and got idiots to upload a couple hundred photos here.  The Tourism Authority of Thailand fell far short of the one million photos they had planned on.

The second award was for a book on birds called “Colours of the sky” – a book that the Tourism Authority of Thailand contracted out to professional photographers.

Svetasreni sanctioned “Colours of the Sky” to help identify interesting bird-watching locations. Some of Thailand’s most famous photographers were commissioned to capture the beauty of birds in the sky and in their natural habitats. “I hope the book is the beginning or inspiration for readers to get to know our small winged friends a little better. It may lead to a greater and hopefully lasting appreciation of our precious nature and homes of our birds,” the former governor said.

Third prize was for a photo called “Footprints on the Beach” which I cannot find the specific winning photo but I can imagine what this unimaginative photo looked like.

So, there you have it.  Those are the awards that PATA handed out to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. And, if you have never seen it, here is the video of Martin Craigs, CEO of PATA, begging tourists to come to Thailand in an interview by the Tourism Authority of Thailand from about 3 years ago that has garnered all of 244 views – shows how powerful PATA and TAT are.

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