Tourism Authority Of Thailand’s Response To Stolen Photo Accusation

Yesterday, I caught the Tourism Authority of Thailand – UK Office – with a stolen photo of Railay Beach.

I am blocked from commenting at this Tourism Authority of Thailand Facebook page (among many others), but I can share the post and add comments.

Tourism Authority of Thailand UK Stolen Photo

I said something along the lines of – The Tourism Authority of Thailand steals a photo of ┬áRailay Beach and then asks followers to post Christmas photos -basically doing TATs job. And, then I shared the TAT post.

Surprisingly, the Tourism Authority of Thailand responded. It was a lame response, but a response nonetheless. Here it is in case you can’t read the image:

Thank you for your comment. Please note we never knowingly use photos that have not been purchased and always seek to purchase or obtain rights for an image before using it. When using a follower’s photo we will always credit the photo accordingly.

How is that for a load of bullshit!. So, if the above from TAT is true, why is there no photo credit? Why didn’t the Tourism Authority of Thailand get angry at my accusation? Because it was true. No denying that the above photo was stolen at all.

I have caught the various offices of the Tourism Authority of Thailand stealing photos and text over the past 6 1/2 years numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands, of thefts.

So, not only is the Tourism Authority of Thailand thieving scoundrels, they are also liars.

One would think that since the Tourism Authority of Thailand has been around for over 50 years they would have millions of photos to use. Nope, they rely on stealing photos or having their “followers” upload to various Facebook pages and contests and TAT assumes the copyright.

Railay Beach

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