Why Does Thailand Have Sidewalks?

In my never-ending quest to understand Thailand and Thainess I am trying to figure out why Thailand has sidewalks.

After all, sidewalks are supposed to be an area along the side of a street to walk on.  But, not in Thailand.

Now, I have seen sidewalk blockage all over Thailand, and for whatever reason, I decided to look at some of the different uses of sidewalks in Thailand – other than for walking on.

As seen above, setting up your own restaurant on someone else’s space is very popular in Thailand and it doesn’t matter at all that pedestrians now have to endanger their lives by walking into the street to get around the makeshift restaurant.

As you can see, sidewalks in Mukdahan Thailand can be used to expand the size of your hardware business to the point of getting customers to trip to come inside.  A Thailand Sidewalk can also be used to park your motorcycle or repair it.

The gold shops in Mukdahan use sidewalks to place banners announcing the price of one baht of gold and the Tourism Authority of Thailand puts their Unseen Mukdahan Poster right on the sidewalk close to the trash bins.

Food and drink areas are the two biggest offenders in the Northeast and maybe I could add stalls that sell crap as a third. Though the stalls that sell crap are not as prevalent in Isaan as they are in the tourist areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.

Think of how much money could be saved if Thailand eliminated all of its sidewalks, since no one can walk on them anyhow.

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